Understanding how to visually enhance, manipulate, and create an image is essential for the new media industry. My instructor tasked the class to create a realistic and unbelievable photo manipulation using at least three different photos. With only a vague idea in my mind, I began to search the resources I could use. After gathering a large number of images, I choose a few that I thought went well together and started my project. I have a lot of practice using Photoshop and felt confident in getting the job done. The most challenging part was attempting to make the head, and the body realistically attach together. I ended up having to draw a new neck entirely. With a few more adjustments and a little experimenting, I was happy with the results.






Adobe Photoshop


Antelope with Horns” by Marie van Dieren (goodfreephotos.com). Used under CC0.

Pallas – 13” by mjranum-stock (deviantart.com). Used under CC BY 3.0.

There’s No Justice” by mjranum-stock (deviantart.com). Used under CC BY 3.0.

Empress Josephine Tiara-4” by Chuck Redden (flickr.com). Used under CC BY 2.0.

1923 02 UNRESTRICTED” by Elandria (deviantart.com). Used under CC BY 3.0.

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