I was approached by a client who wanted a logo to go with his website that focuses on his writing. The logo is meant to be a symbol of a fictional cult that is surrounded by grim dark fantasy themes. The only thing he was sure of is that it needed a three-headed crow to reflect the story. So, I began to explore with human bones, animal skulls, gnarled tree branches, mystic symbols and combinations of each.

Presenting the thumbnails to the client, he reviewed the concepts I came up with, and it helped jump-start his imagination. He asked for more concepts with more refined ideas. There was a little back-and-forth with several ideas until we came to a design that he loved. The rest of the work flowed smoothly to produce the finished product.

The client was delighted and thanked me for having the patience to work with his evolving idea. This piece became one of the most favoured pieces I had done thanks to the careful thought put behind every detail and revising the concept until it worked. I felt like we made a great team and ended up making a long-lasting friendship out of the experience while having our creation used for a cool personal project of his.






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All work is original.

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