Chroma is a fictional brand I created to refine my design skills, creating a brand guideline with multiple examples of its application and variations. I decided Chroma was a cosmetic company interested in supplying customers with a wide array of colourful products to fit their needs, and I wanted to reflect that with their logo. Choosing a pair of lips covered in a rainbow of glossy residue was a perfect symbol, though how I wanted to display it was a bit of a struggle.

Initially, the logo had more colours, including red, but I came to the opinion that it was overtaking the other hues. The lips also had highlights, but again, it felt as though it was unfitting. The hardest decision was whether or not to add subtle outlines, choosing to keep them to give the logo more dimension. The rest of the work was fairly straightforward, sticking to desaturated backgrounds to allow the logo to be the main focal point.

Otherwise, this project was a good way to exercise my designing process and I had a lot of fun coming up with all sorts of ideas of just what kind of company I was creating with this brand.






Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dimensions

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