Taking the time to understand the transition from digital to print and what is needed to bridge the gap was what my instructor at SAIT taught me with this project.

I needed to create something within the hour, and this is what I managed to come up with. I used a simple colour palette with mostly neutral colours and one saturated colour to make it pop out from the rest. I did not want a business card with just squares of colour so I added a couple of patterns without overwhelming the entire layout.

With my business card created, my instructor brought the other students and me to the printers on campus to show us how our digital creations are turned into physical objects. Being able to hold my business card for the first time made me realize two things: The colours I chose were fantastic, and I did not take into consideration how thin the font I chose was. I already began to fret over how anyone with poor vision would be able to read something so small. Seeing such a huge mistake made me return to the drawing board so I could correct myself.

Now, I’m much happier with my card while also feeling assured that it can be read by anyone who holds it.






Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign


All work is original.

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