Being able to design, model, texture, light, and render a realistic scene are all critical components in 3D development. This is what my first assignment in my 3D Modelling & Design class wanted me to achieve when creating a dining scene from scratch. Needing to build ten unique models I immediately began to research what components people use to make a complete, modern, and clean dining room.

The table, plates, bowls, and wine glasses were the simplest to create, but I took this opportunity to challenge myself by modelling a complex candleholder, sheer curtains, and cushioned chairs. My most significant task, I found, was with the candleholder as I merged all the individual components while still making the model appear refined without any misplaced faces or n-gons.

Even though I went out of my way to challenge myself on a time-constrained project, I was able to model, texture, light, and render a dining scene within the limited time frame and still be satisfied with the results.






3DS Max, Blender 2.8


Teal and Black Abstract Painting” by Anni Roenkae ( Used under Pexel’s Photo License.

Watercolor Paper 001” by Jao Paulo ( Used under CC0.

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